Setup & Applications

Setting up your product

Check out this page for all the details about how to set up and use your Maxocam product, including where to find the application (V380) that allows you to see through your camera(s).

Maxocam User Manual

The following user manual applies to camera models JAS200-F09, JAS500-F11 and JAS500-F15.

Setup Instructions

V380 App Setup and Account Registration

V380 App Camera Access Setup

NOTE: Use the following settings ONLY if you have set up the camera on WiFi previously, and are now just re-establishing a connection.

Once Set Up – Get Demo

User Applications

Maxocam utilizes the app, V380 Pro to allow you to see your camera(s). V380 Pro is available for Android, iOS and Windows PC. Maxocam also utilizes Maxogram Activated Print Technology in many ways, giving you the ability to scan specially marked images on the box the camera comes in, on the setup guide that comes with the camera, or other areas. As such, it is advised that you ensure you have this app available to you in addition to the V380 Pro app.

App (V380 Pro)

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App (Maxogram)

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