Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you provide technical support and after sales service?

We are located in Abbotsford BC and all customer service is provided from here. Please email info@maxocam.com or phone for prompt assistance.

Are your products certified to be sold legally in Canada and USA?

Yes. Our products are certified by Industry Canada and FCC which are mandatory to sell in those markets.​

Which operating systems do your apps support?

iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets. Only MS Windows XP/Vista/8/10 for PC App.

How often do you upgrade your apps?

There is no fixed schedule but we typically release upgraded apps once per month.
Please visit our website and check for any upgraded apps via the Download menu.


Please explain about two motion detection methods that your company provide?

One method is t​o detect any motions such as human, animals, leaves, lights, shadows, etc. and the other is to detect only human motions. The latter will provide reliable alerts to the users. We will provide 4 weeks free trial period and the user can make decision to continue this service by paying small fee.​

How can I store recorded video and audio?

  • You can ​store into Micro SD card. The camera supports max. 64GB which can store 1 ~ 3 week’s data depending on the resolution and circumstance. Another way is to use optional e-Service cloud service. The best suggestion is to use the Micro SD card and e-Service if your concern is to secure your data under any situations such as theft of the camera or damage to Micro SD card.
  • Recording audio could be illegal by jurisdictions of your location.

What is e-Cloud service?

e-Cloud service means that your data can be stored into our remote server for maximum 4 weeks and you can playback anytime and anywhere​. You need to pay some small fee for this optional service. Please click to see the details.

What does two-way audio mean?

The camera equips with mic and speaker. If you speak on your smartphone, y​our voice is heard and you can hear through your smartphone if somebody speaks to the camera.

How can I know motion is detected?

Once alarm function and notification are enabled, the camera will take a photo and send a push notification to the registered smartphones for the camera.

Why does the Smart-Link fail to connect to 5GHz router?

IP Camera only supports 2.4GHz. If your router supports both of 2.4GHz and 5GHz (dual band), please follow the below steps at the first time to connect to your router.

  • Press the reset button of camera for 1 second. The camera will say “System is starting” –> “System setup is completed” –> ” Access Point establishing” –> “Access Point established”;
  • Go to Settings of your smartphone and select the Wi-Fi to camera’s hotspot (it starts with MV and camera ID number);
  • Open the App –> Press + on top right corner –> Select Add networked device –> Enter camera ID number  –> Select Confirm add. Or Just select LAN Search. Then you will see a screen;
  • Now select Device configuration on bottom –> Network settings. You will see AP mode is selected. Please check Station mode –> Select your router (2.4GHz) and enter Wi-Fi Password  and Press Save button (this button could be hidden under keypad. So you need to remove keypad first to see this button). Now you will see a screen connected to your router.
  • Once it is successfully connected, you can use 2.4GHz or 5GHz to view.