This service allows for the video and audio data of your IP camera to be stored on our remote server for a month, after which the data will be overwritten.

No longer have the worry that your hardware could be broken or stolen when you use our e-services!

Human Detection Technology

There are several ways to detect motions. Some circumstances may require every motion to be detected and others may require to detect humans only. Three major methods to detect motions are as follows:

  • General motion detection recognizes any motions such as humans, animals, falling leaves, cars, illumination changes, etc. It provides alarm notifications 24/7 regardless of the intention of the users;

  • Zoned motion detection narrows detection areas by software but it still detects any motions. It provides alarm notifications 24/7 regardless of the intention of the users;

  • Human detection is based on AI technology and evolves by Deep Learning mechanism. It sends alarm notifications only when it detects humans. So the data that the users concern are more reliable and valuable. Some applications of this technology are:

    • You know when your children left and came back to home with date and time information​;

    • Motel and Hotel front desk staffs shall be notified of guests entering and leaving the entrance. This is specially useful for small and medium size operation which the night audit staffs take other jobs and vacate the front desk during their shift;

    • Restricted areas can have entrance record;

    • Any businesses requiring alarm push notifications for human intrusion during day or night time. The alarm systems installed by alarm companies cannot do this function;

    • Houses requiring alarm push notifications for human intrusion. One in driveway and another in backyard may help protect your valuable properties.

  • This service requires small amount of monthly fee and can be purchased through online shopping of this site. This service will be available from May 2017.